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About Jarrett Winters Morley



New York Metropolitan Theatre Award Nominated actor Jarrett Winters Morley is a singer, actor, composer/lyricist, producer, director, and playwright who graduated from Manhattan School of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre, and Berklee College of Music with a Master of Arts in Music Business. A New York City local, he is an active supporter of the arts in the educational system, providing access to the arts in underprivileged communities, and artistic collaboration. Jarrett is represented by The Krasny Office.

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Jarrett Winters Morley Headshot
Jarrett Winters Morley Headshot

Jarrett Winters Morley has worked on several projects with me, including helping produce Michael Feinstein's national concert tour of Get Happy: Celebrating Judy Garland, celebrating Judy Garland and on-site at 54Below. He is thoughtful, detailed, and has a vast knowledge of Musical Theatre. He is a true professional, easy to work with and often comes up with solutions to problems before there are problems. He's the kind of guy you want around you.

Elliott Forrest, Peabody Award Winning Broadcaster, Producer, Director

“Sometimes this industry can demand specific things in very little time- that was the case for me when I was asked to find the sheet music for a specific cover of a song ASAP... the problem was that specific sheet music didn’t exist anywhere. Jarrett was able to fully transcribe it exactly as it is in the recording I sent him (including 3 vocal parts and the accompaniment), and he had it done almost immediately. His understanding of music composition is brilliant and unique! I DEFINITELY recommend Jarrett to anyone who needs anything in regards to music.”

Christina Barnes, Off-Broadway Actress

“Working with Jarrett was a wonderful experience. From the very onset of Morningside,  he was nothing if not communicative and ready to not only share his ideas and progress but also ready to listen to everybody involved and the input they could offer. Throughout the process, I would get exciting notifications of audio messages sent to me, with early MIDI versions of what became the show, and fun facts about details that would only ever be known by those involved. Once rehearsals started, he was flexible but professional, making sure everybody involved was comfortable with the schedule, and ensuring that we all had a voice in rehearsals.”

Jakob Messinetti, Bassist, Morningside Orchestra

"I was unable to find the sheet music for an incredibly complicated song beyond my own transcription abilities. I found Jarrett’s work online and messaged him hoping for his assistance. He got back to me in a timely, professional, and kind manner every time we spoke. He would send updates about the sheet music and readily answer any questions I had related to the transcription. His services are incredibly affordable and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. He captures the fine details in the music which tells me that he really puts in the time and effort. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find someone to tackle the challenging piece I requested, but he doesn’t back down from challenging pieces. I would absolutely utilize his services again in the future."

Jack Mannion, Actor (they/she)

"I have been working with Jarrett for several months and find that since working with him, I feel more confident in myself and my voice and feel much more prepared when I open my audition book. I feel ready for any audition after diving into music selection and preparation with Jarrett's help and guidance.

Lindsay Wayne, Actress, Private Voice Student

Jarrett is adept at providing simultaneous attention to multiple projects, whether he is a part of a team, working as an individual, or guiding an entire group. I've found him to capably manifest self-control even in time-sensitive situations of extreme pressure. I've watched as he's dealt with a variety of personalities and temperaments, all the while maintaining an enviable ability to determine (and commit to) a stable and clear course for himself or others. He can consider all sides of an issue and draw the most sensible consensus without getting lost in any byways.

John Fricke, Historian & Author

When Elliott Forrest suggested Jarrett Winters Morley when I needed a quick turnaround, Jarrett not only delivered before my deadline but was flexible with giving me the perfect final product needed. He has since become a part of my production team and I can't imagine embarking on a project needing that WOW factor without asking Jarrett. He delivers the goods beyond your expectations without an ego taking over which sometimes impedes the best results in this business. If you are looking for class, perfection, and professionalism in the perfect package, Jarrett is the person to call.

Richard Skipper, Richard Skipper Celebrates

“Collaborating with Jarrett on his original musical, Morningside, was a very positive experience for me. As a composer, he is very intentional about what he wants to convey with any given passage of music, but he is also very open-minded to suggestions from myself and others on how to make adjustments that better serve to realize his goals. Similarly, as a music director, Jarrett has very specific sounds in mind for what he wants to hear, and is patient but persistent during the rehearsal process, allowing for a productive and enjoyable working environment.”

Seth Schultheis, Pianist, Assistant Music Director of Morningside

“My time spent working alongside Jarrett was one of the most easeful and engaging processes I had during my time at conservatory. His deep knowledge and appreciation of the musical theatre canon and all the intricacies of its inner workings made for a perfect environment to feel as though we were all in good hands. Jarrett allowed us to take risks and truly explore the material he crafted so carefully without fear of “failing” — he strikes that perfect balance between ensuring the performer is pushed along the correct path while also leaving room to truly bring the piece to life.”

Jack D'Emilio, Actor, Original Morningside Cast

"Working with Jarrett as a director was an experience I will not soon forget! I learned not only from his kindness and diligence but from his theatre experience as every rehearsal was a masterclass in direction and text analysis. I feel I have learned more from just watching him work than from my years in college thus far! His easy going nature and brilliant mind make him a wonderful director, performer, and friend; and I can assure that he will be a household name in years to come."

Katherine Lindsley, Actress, Original Godless Cast


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