Tradition: The Art of Exploring Theatrical History

Tradition: Exploring the Art of Theatrical History is a one-hour class in which participants have the opportunity to pick either plays or musicals from the American Theatre canon. We discuss theatrical history, documented figures and shows that had an important impact within the industry, and unique, niche, and heartwarming stories known only to a few about individual shows. The class objective is to give the members of the community a chance to interact, read, listen to, and discuss productions both old and new.

We will sometimes hold special events, such as a concert with all the material sung from the show by professional performers.

This class is taught to children, young adults, and those who have been immersed in the theatre for decades. This class is for those who want to learn about theatrical history, or simply reminisce about some of their favorite shows.

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Class Testimonials

"It's always a pleasure working with Jarrett. My residents always enjoy attending his lectures as it brings up memories and they love hearing facts and stories about the industry that they had never known before. He's very flexible and willing to discuss other theatrical works and elements such as dramas, writing, and directing. After each session, my residents would say “When will he be coming back?” I know Jarrett is passionate about what he does, and we always can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us."

Kasandra Macababayao, The Bristal

Jarrett Winters Morley has been providing our students with a weekly lecture for nearly 3 months now and regardless of the show he chooses to present on, his lectures are always filled. Students enjoy learning more about the shows they love, the controversies behind them, and the histories of how they began. Jarrett's lectures are one of our most highly requested and attended events, and we are grateful to have him featured on our monthly calendar of events.

Alyssa Friedman, Program Director