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JWM Studios

Founded in 2021, JWM Studios is a teaching environment that caters to vocalists, ranging from amateur to Broadway professionals, and anyone with the urge to learn how to read music and sing! JWM Studios is not a place to perform or feel like you have anything to prove. Part of our mission is to ensure that we provide a safe space for our students, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or anything else that could be considered discriminatory. 

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Our Story

I started this studio with 3 students in the summer of 2021. Originally, it was two vocalists, and one conducting student. Since then, as of the winter of 2023, I have expanded the studio to include 13 students on the roster, and am excited to welcome our first associate teacher, Micki Hardenberg (they/them) to the team to specialize in ear-training, sight-reading, and overall music literacy! We are excited to continue growing and welcome more students into this warm and welcoming environment.

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