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Blank: An Ode To Broadway's Black History

February, 2023

“Blank: An Ode to Broadway’s Black History” honors Black composers, lyricists, performers, and creatives from the Broadway community through their music, and forever reminds us of their lasting impact on the theatrical community. Featuring songs such as “Wheels Of A Dream”, and “When I First Saw You”, join us for a celebration of black excellence.

Kaitlyn Trusty, Director

Jarrett Winters Morley: Producer, Music Director


Bobby Barksdale, Deja-Simone Crumpton, Phoenix Gray, Tyreese Kadle, Aveena Sawyer, Ayanna Thomas


Andres Ayola: Reeds

Dionne Hendricks: Piano

Jakob Messinetti: Bass

Rianne Mision: Guitar

Kabelo Mokhatla: Drums


Coming Soon!

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