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(World Premiere: July 2021)

‘Godless’ is a one act play that delves into the origins of the human psyche between Adam and Eve, discusses the controversy surrounding humankind's perception of a higher power, and how each of us defines faith.

Jarrett Winters Morley, Playwright

Angelo Antinori, Graphic Designer


Eve: Katherine Lindsley

Adam: Lawrence Karl

Eve (U/S): Faith Evan Wilansky

Festivals & Awards

Rogue Theatre Festival, Manhattan, NY

July 24 @ 1 pm (Pre-Recorded in Theatre)

Equity Library Theatre of New York Play Festival, Manhattan, NY

TBA (Virtual)

Providence Fringe Festival, Providence, RI

July 23 & 24 @ 7 pm (Live)

New York Theatre Festival, Manhattan, NY

November 8, 10, 13 (Live)

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